10 Signs A Campus Guy Only Wants Your Body…
1. He only texts you at night
A campus guy who wants you only for sex will most probably
text you only at night when he is feeling Hot after ignoring
you all day. And all he does at that moment is to text you.
2. He’s always asking for your nudes
A campus guy who wants only your body will always try to
make you send nudes to him at all times. Those are probably
the only true pictures he has of you on his phone.
3. He brings up sex in every conversation
No matter how far your conversation might be away from
sex, somehow he tries to maneuver the conversation in this
direction. Then, it’s a sure bet this guy wants you for nothing
else other than sex.
4. He doesn’t like being seen with you
If a guy has supposedly professed his undying love for you,
why then should he have a problem with being seen with you
in the public. He does this only because he probably has a
girlfriend or just several other clueless side chicks and
intends to make you one also.
5. Always invites you over
A guy with the intentions of having you only as a sex partner
will always find a way to invite you over to maybe see a
movie, do an assignment together or some other shady
6. Doesn’t say much about himself
He tries to keep information about himself as far away from
you as possible because the lesser the amount of
information you have about him the easier it is for him to
disappear when he’s done with you.
7. He’s never there for you
During the times when you are in distress and need
someone to comfort you, he’s never around. This is because
he’s not a boyfriend but just a sex partner.
8. Never lets you meet his friends
Remember that old saying, ‘show me your friend and I’ll tell
you who you are’. Well, he doesn’t want you to know who he
is, neither his intents so he keeps away from his friends at all
9. Never buys you an actual gift
If he indeed eventually gets you a gift, he’ll probably get you
a set of lingerie or Romance-Machine rooster rings. If these
are the only set of gifts he gets, then run, My dear, he’s not a
potential boyfriend.
10. Makes you feel bad about yourself
On countless occasions, he would always make you feel at
fault and not good enough. He only does this to cloud your
thinking and remain trapped with him until he is bored of

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