Best Paying Online Survey Websites to Make Extra Money

There are times you are less busy and have some free time to play around. You may decide to spend it chatting with friends and doing all sort, but do you know you can actually use that little time to make money online? One the ways you can use that little time to make money online is by completing online survey using online survey websites.

If this is your first time you are hearing about this and you are wondering, what is online survey? Online survey is a questionnaire that you can complete online to help companies, individuals and organizations improve their performance.

It is simple, companies wants to know how they can improve and win over more customers, to achieve this, they need to understand what customers want. So they prepare questions and all that for people to answer so they can analyze it, make improvement and win more customers. The good thing is, they also pay people who help them answer the questions.

There are online survey websites, these websites bring together, many surveys for people to complete and make money or earn reward.

It is pretty easy, all you have to do is spend some time, answering questions and you get paid or earn any other form of reward.

But the problem is, there are many Online  Survey websites out there that are not reliable. Because of this, we have listed out the most reliable online survey websites you can make money or earn reward from.



Mobrog offer users opportunity to take part in online surveys that relates to science and market research.

You can make money completing online surveys with them and get paid.

You can also refer your friends and earn $1.

They are available in almost every country. Sign up here



SurveySavvy has been around since 1999! They offer you opportunity to earn money completing online survey. Once you sign up, you will begin receiving invitation to complete online Surveys.

You can make more money by inviting your friends to join. And you can request for payment once you reach $1.

From observation, they only pay in USD. They send payment via check. It can take up to 4 weeks or more to receive payment but they pay! They certainly pay! Every review we have seen from users confirms that they pay.

We have picked them as number two because they are one of the few online survey websites that is available almost in every country. Most others are only open to US, UK and Canada. But SurveySavvy is open to many countries, from India to Nigeria and many countries on Africa. Sign Up Here



PaidViewPoint is one of the most reliable online survey website out there. They offer you good opportunity to make money completing online surveys.

You get up to $1 just for signing up. And you can complete as many surveys as are available and earn money.  You can also refer friends and make $25 each time they cash out.

They have what is called Traitscore. You can earn traitscore per review you complete. The traitscore will increase the number of surveys you have each months and how much you make per survey. If you can build your traitscore to be among the top 10 users on the site, you will make more money per survey you complete.

Once you have earned up to $15, you can request for payment. They are available almost in every country.

PaidViewPoint is one of the most highly rated online survey websites. They have the most positive reviews from users online. Sign Up here


Here are things to consider:

Sign up with all of them: It is wise to sign up with them all so that there will always be surveys to answer and make money instead of waiting.

Be honest: Honesty is very important. When answering surveys, try to be sincere or you maybe penalized.

beware We have reviewed these sites listed above and we are sure they are legit and millions of users are currently using them. But when you are looking for other online survey sites not covered here,

beware. Don’t ever pay to join.


Updated: October 27, 2018 — 5:54 am


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