5 Most Praised Courses To Study In Nigeria…

#1 Medicine yeah yeah… the number one as you were expecting is medicine. Somehow if you’re a science student and you want to go into the medical line of work, the first thing your parent will probably scream in your head is medicine. It’s not like there are no other drugs courses, but almost every parent wants a medical doctor in the family… The amount of doctors one day will still exceed the patients..

#2 Pharmacy The one which i feel is next is pharmacy. You couldn’t make medicine right, go for the next thing to it “Pharmacy”. To be honest i don’t like the course because of my normal hatred for drugs. I still avoid the faculty in Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU). The whole place smells like a hospital. So Pharmacy!! as NO 2

#3 Law Yes! The prestigious and proud law students of Nigeria. Once you’re in the art class, the first thing you fill in as your desired course of study is Law!!! True or false?. I mean i don’t really blame them, Nigeria doesn’t really appreciate most of these art courses. So Law as NO 3. #4 Electrical Electronics Meet the king of the technology faculty. Elect is actually a very cool course to study, especially when you’re in a school like OAU. I fancy the course myself but hey don’t get me wrong, I’m a computer with Economics Student. I’m a double honour student, i have every reason to be proud *lol*. I just like elect cause you can really diversify. In elect i’ve met bad ass programmers, even better than some in my department. No 4 goes to Elect then

#5 Architecture I for one am a great fan of this course, Ignoring the crazy stress that comes with studying it in OAU, this department is drugs. Once you’re good you’re GOOD! and they’re probably the students with one of the highest chances of getting a job in this country.. and apart from that you gotta go to their parties, there’s no other phrase i could use.. Just drugs so there you have it the 5 top courses in Nigeria, If you feel other wise you can drop your opinions in the comment section.


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