5 reasons students drop out of college

1. Lack of Discipline

The number one reason students drop out of college is a lack of discipline.

This explains why students who don’t receive sufficient academic or financial support continue to excel in the studies.

Setbacks are a part of life but students who are disciplined can overcome any challenge.

“When a student has the willpower to finish their education and takes active steps to follow through with it nothing will stop them.”

2. Difficulty and workload

“Regardless of the major you choose the college workload is significantly more demanding than even the most rigorous high schools.”

The combination of tests, homework and assignments can make even the most dedicated student feel inadequate.

Academic courses require complete commitment but many students are not ready for this level of responsibility and dedication.

As a result students fail to deliver on their assignments and exams.

3. Choosing the wrong major

“Figuring out what you want to pursue in life in terms of a career path is always a struggle.”

For most people finding a suitable career tends to be a winding road rather than a straight line.

“About 80% of college students decide to change their major at least once.”

It is not uncommon for students to commit to a course of study only to discover the programme is not what they expected.

When this happens students may turn to a trade or an alternative study opportunity to earn money faster, and in doing so they neglect to finish their original degree.

4. Family or Economic Issues

“Unexpected family problems can arise.” This can impact the financial stability of the home. “With these changes many students may have to get part-time jobs just so they can support themselves as well as their families.”

In addition family related incidents such as death or divorce can heighten stress levels in students who already feel strained by the demands of college life.

Students who feel unable to balance their responsibilities might be tempted to opt out of their studies.

5. Living in an inapt college atmosphere

Living on campus 24/7 is a huge transition from attending school for eight hours a day. The practical adjustment of sharing personal space with strangers, participating in college life and being away from home can be overwhelming.

“All of this new stimuli causes some students to…shut down and lock in.” In other words students become withdrawn and choose not to socialize outside of the the class or dorm room.

This scenario may not cause students to drop out but it can add to the pressure they feel in their first year.




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