80 percent of university lecturers are quacks – Nasarawa Varsity Chancellor

The Chancellor of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Shehu Chindo Yamusa III has alleged that about 80 percent of Nigeria university lecturers are quacks, hence lacking the skills and method to be in the classroom.

He advocated to the management of various Nigeria universities to ensure that those to be employed as lecturers have the minimum required certificate in education or related programs approved by Teachers Registration Council or National teachers Institute.

The Chancellor who was speaking at the 2nd stakeholders’ meeting of University in Keffi said those already in the system and have no training or qualification in education should go back to class room in order to become more productive.

“It is evident that, 80 percent of lecturers are not professionals, but only those in the faculty of education and few ones that have PGDE in other Faculties are qualify to teach.

“Some universities have started full implementation of “MUST HAVE” PGDE before employ as lecturers and where a Lecturer does not have, he/she is recommended to faculty of education for one or two years programs, after which he/she is engaged in the field of facilitations.”

Yamusa III who was a university lecturer before ascending to his ancestral throne as Emir of Keffi, tongue-lashed management of Nasarawa State University, Keffi for promoting sentiments responsible for the fallen standard of university education system.

He however blamed lack of adherence to due process and rule of law as factor militating against the growth of the university in all aspects.

“It is sad that meritocracy doctrine has been jettison in the university administration.

“However, not to long ago many lecturers were recruited based on favouritism, politics and primordial mundane sentiments and that added degradation to the realization of intended objectives.”




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