9 Ways Every Nigerian Student Reacts After Checking His/
her Semester Result…
I went to school today and I saw part time students
clustered around the department result board. I noticed their
reactions, expressions and body language and this
motivated me to induce it into writing.
These acts/reactions are not only peculiar to my school
students but also a generality/large percent of other
students across our tertiary institutions.
1. They Refer To A Lecturer As Being Mean
After checking their semester results, they amazingly keep
their mouths widely opened like someone who lost his
Bet9ja ticket. They will analyze how cheap the questions
were; how they finished before time; and how they
attempted all the questions correctly. They will blame their
lecturers saying they barely crown the effort of students no
matter how they answer their questions correctly, if not, they
ought to have been graded an “A”.
2. They Leap Praises On Themselves
Just because the y were fortunate to hit high scores while
others did not, you will see them walk-bouncing and
parading the class, raising shoulders and praising
themselves just to intimidate others that did not perform so
3. They Start Crying
As we know, I observe that guys barely cry after checking
their results, but the ladies deserve a standing ovation for
this. After checking their results, they will place their hands
on their heads crying and sweating profusely as if they just
lost a relative. They will keep checking every five minutes
expecting their grades to change miraculously.
4. They Put Blame Invigilators
These ones will always blame their failure or low grades on
the strict invigilators who prevented them from girraf-ing, or
communicating with their friends, and/or insufficient time. if
not, they ought to have scored at least a/an “A” or “B”. When
they score “or F”, they will say, so this man gave me D
despite what I wrote; but when they score “A”, they will say
that is what they deserve
5. They Will Cross Out Their Names
These ones will check their results and would act like they
have passed but will come back later at night to cancel their
names and grades
6. “Thank God I Did Not Carry The Course” Crew
These ones will go straight to d end of their results to see if
there is any carry over before even checking grades proper.
You will see them go on their knees singing praises to God
that they narrowly escaped CARRY OVER. I call them LET
7. They Check The Grades Of Other Students
The ones might have crammed the matric numbers of most
students must while some might have even compiled the list
of all students in a piece of paper and will bring it along with
them when result is released. You will see them come under
the disguise of checking their results, when if fact, they are
checking that of other students.
8. They Console Others
These ones will check their results without even saying
anything. Either they fail or pass, no one knows.
You will see them consoling their colleges who have failed.
9. They Stay Miles Away From The Result Board
They will come and stay few miles away from the board
waiting for other students to vacate the board before they
check theirs. This is because they are not sure of themselves
and they don’t want the breeze to expose the anus of the


  1. Correct view. Results are what make some happy and some not. Examination results are photos. The way you posed is the way your picture will appears. Adequate preparation brings good result.

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