Five Noticeable Things About Students Who Attend Public Schools…

Limiting myself to secondary education.

1. Radical Dressing: You wanna see swag? you come to any public school na there you go see where student no they tuck in their shirts. Talk of sagging and bragging na public school get am for naija. For my school then na palm we dey wear go school…stockings or whatever you call it is an abomination to our leg

2. Ruggedness : The day I shop three thunderous slap because one yeye guy make noise for our class na that day I trowey gentleness put on ruggedness. For public school you can’t just be gentle.We scattered everything scatterable till I left as the Library Perfect Boy

3. Addiction To Pains: I no see a public school student who no dey shop at least two strokes of the cane in a week.Like when we dey secondary school8) we are all addicted to pains.Even to shop cane just they hungry us.If uno shop note someone go make noise and at the end of the day you end up bagging 12 strokes of the cane.

4. Sociable : Yes we guys are conversationalist… Because there is always room for mingle tingle dingle ringle. There is room to bully others in your class and sometimes you help your guys woo a girl.
5. Fun Filled: Since we are not condemned to speaking English there is a great room for fun.Like this corp member they brag say hm sabi English then na So one day I ask am may hm tell us the meaning of a sentence I framed up with yoruba origin.It goes thus: the thief was an expert in foganolism. The corp member was confused and the class laugh deliriously.


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