How to instil confidence in the students

One of the greatest gifts we can give our students is to instil in them a strong sense of confidence.

Instilling confidence in the students will enable them to achieve greater success and create a strong, positive mindset. Enabling students to become more confident will help with many aspects of their school and social life.

There are many effective ways to make students more confident.

Learn to accept mistakes.

A teacher who looks down on or humiliates their students when they are making mistakes can destroy the students self-confidence. It’s important that teachers let the students understand that making errors is a normal part of the learning process and there is nothing to be ashamed of. When students make mistakes, make it a non-issue. Acknowledge it and ensure the students learn from their mistake.

Praise and encourage the students.

When the students do something well it is important to let them know they are doing great. Praise the students for their efforts and keep encouraging them to succeed.

Challenge the students academically.

It is important to give students work that will challenge them intellectually. This will force them to think at a much deeper level or think outside the box. It is also important to let the students know that the teachers do care for them and believe in them.




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