How To Prepare For Post UTME Exam

I know that preparing for Post UTME exam can be stressful and time-consuming due to no official syllabus or recommended textbooks for admission aspirants by Nigeria varsities to help prepare for the exam; just try and push yourself, there is always light after the tunnel.

Some days ago, I received a text from a family friend, asking me how he can prepare for the upcoming Post UTME exam of his chosen University of choice. My candid replies to him are:

1. Create a Timetable for Yourself: Creating a timetable should be the first step to approach any exam including your Post UTME exam. Make sure you write down convenient time format for each subject of the exam and you try not to give some subjects too much study time than others, but make sure you find a balance that will feel more comfortable for you.

2. Create a Syllabus for Yourself: The syllabus is an important strategy to prepare and make you understand the key aspects and topics that you should be reading. A good syllabus will psychologically help you face the task ahead. Therefore, an organized, comprehensive, and easy-to-read syllabus will improve your reading enormously. It’s not really mandatory the school provide you with syllabus before you prepare for an exam, you can just draft one yourself or better-still you can make use of the Jamb syllabus.

3. Read Recommended Textbooks/Notes: Reading recommended textbooks/notes is essential to your success in any Post UTME exam, make sure you get recommended textbooks from your tutorial teachers and read through the entire part of the textbooks/notes. It will help you more familiarize with all the topics and also refresh your memory on each topic you have studied.

4. Study Past Questions: Studying past questions will provide you with enormous practical insight on how the exam will probably look like, and the key themes or subject area most likely to be covered. Keep practicing more Post UTME past questions and answers until you feel more comfortable with the subject matter.

5. Attend Tutorials: Attending tutorial classes will also help you pass your Post UTME exam. Tutorial classes will not only develop your study and learning skills, but it will immensely improve your Post UTME performance and help you overcome the nightmare of failure.

6. Revise: Most admission aspirants with high JAMB score often fail their prospective university Post UTME exam due to the fact that they lack proper revision strategy. Without proper and efficient revision plan, your entire study effort goes waste as many a time you are not able to recollect what you studied in the exam hall. So, in order to recall what you have studied during your exam, sufficient time must be vehemently allocated for revision. And remember that your revision must be systematic and not haphazard.

In conclusion, if you can adhere strictly to these effective key points, I can promise and believe that you will come out with flying colours in your Post UTME exam this year. Lastly, don’t get late to the exam centre and make sure you put God first in everything, because He is the author and the finisher of your faith.




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