LASU’s new model to check unemployment

In coming years, the Lagos State University (LASU) does not expect any of its graduates to be unemployed.

Its method of tackling this problem is through a new programme that ensures that students learn skills and entrepreneurship alongside their degree programme.  However, the double-value programme is currently available for only those students who pay the N150,000 fee for the Entrepreneurship training.

LASU’s new model ties in to recommendations of how universities to run by a retired professor of mechanical engineering, Adebayo Sanni, who said all institutions, should train students in specific vocations of their interest.

He said their degree certificate was only proof they were teachable; while the vocation was what they need to excel.

Sanni in an interview with The Nation said: “You need people to have skills.   Your certificate you have in the university is just  to show that you are teachable.  What you learn in place will not be what you really want to use in your life.

“So let us give the students opportunity to express themselves and go out develop yourself.  do not turn the university as if the only thing is to get certificate what the certificate says is that you are teachable but that is not the skill.”

To this end, Sanni said all universities should have vocational centres for all students to take courses.

Speaking on LASU’s new initiative, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Lanre Fagbohun said it was a way to incubate seasoned entrepreneurs.

He said: “If you come in for your undergraduate programme, naturally you will have one semester where you are going take an entrepreneurship cours, but you agree with that a person who has taken  an entrepreneurship course for one semester will not have the same skills like someone who has taken that things for over a period of four years.

“What we have done now is you will do your degree programme but if you have the strength and the capacity to be able to also pay for it side by side as you are doing our degree programme, you will be doing  these entrepreneurship skills at the end of the day your degree programme is still your major but your entrepreneurship skills is not just  on the surface, you are deeply rooted in it which is why you will not only have the certificate given by the university ,you will also have the professional certificate that should be given from those institutions that are probably regulating such programmes.”



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