List of Items Needed in Campus for Newly Admitted Students

Note: All fingers are not equal, you can re-sketch these items to suit your status.

1. Documents
Passport photos
Passport or driving licence
NHS number
National Insurance number
TV Licence
CV and references
Discount travel cards
Bank account details
Address book and email contacts list
Local map
What’s on guide
Old textbooks and notes
List of phone numbers
Support notification form
Diary or calendar
Doctor and dentist details
Other university documents
Exam certificates
Room insurance
2. Kitchen
A lot of the kitchen stuff will depend if you’re going self catering or not.

Bottle opener
Wine glasses
Shot glasses
Knives, forks and spoons
Bowls (for cereal, soup, ice cream, etc)
One-person casserole dish
Small frying or omelette pan
1 small, 1 large saucepan with lids
Egg cup
Tin opener
Chopping knife
Chopping board – An extra chopping board if you are cutting meat: this way you avoid food poisoning!!!
Vegetable peeler
Cheese grater – (ho for one that has the grater as a lid so all the cheese goes into a box/compartment neatly and you can leave it in there to store as well )
Wooden spoon
Spatula – good for a washing up implement.
Potato Masher (only if you are a fan of mash tho!)
Easy to follow recipe book
Store cupboard ingredients – coffee, tea, milk, sugar, eggs, margarine, cooking oil, salt and pepper – and let’s not forget pasta
Coffee whitener – for when you run out of milk
Sandwich bags – good for lots of stuff you open and need to contain. e.g. sugar / teabags and things
Plastic bowl or box with lid
Microwaveable bowl
Cling film
Tin foil
Tea towels
Oven gloves
Washing-up stuff – Washing-up liquid / -Dishcloth / Scrubbing brush
Tray – For carrying food to your room and to stop you making a mess if you’re not eating at a table
3. Studying
Desk lamp (Halogen)
BOOK CHAIR – saves a lot of neck strain if you are making notes out of a big book] NOTICE BOARD – for timetables, numbers, etc. Some halls may already provide one.
Message board with erasable marker eg. a mini white board or one of those magnetic sand ones that you can wipe
DIARY/PLANNERS – to keep track of assignments.
Dictionary and thesaurus
A pad of lined paper – for making notes/doing drafts etc
Ream of printing paper
A4 folders
Pens, pencils, paper, files, highlighters
Sticky tape
Stapler, hole punch
Sticky labels
Post-it notes
Paper clips
White Tac – so it doesn’t mark the walls
Stamps and envelopes
4. Outdoor
Sports gear
Head warmer/cap
5. Healthcare
Basic first aid kit – plasters, antiseptic wipes, bandages
Some cold/flu remedy in case you are struck down by freshers’ flu
Anti-allergy pills – eg. Piriton
A cold/hot pack
6. Bathroom
Bath mat
Bath and hand towels (+ possibly a flanel)
Basket for shower supplies
Wash bag
Toilet roll
Box of tissues
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Soap – liquid soap is probably better. If you’re sharing bathrooms then it’s easier to transport and wont slip onto the floor etc.
Shower gel
Nail clippers
Hair gel
Hair spray
Shaving cream/gel
Lip balm
7. Housekeeping
Air Freshener
Laundry bag – So your dirty clothes don’t end up on the floor. And for dragging to the laundry or dumping on your parents to wash for you!
Clothes horse – Save money on dryers by drying your clothes in your room
Coat hangers – you may not get any in wardrobes
Dustpan and brush – for cleaning up the odd mess, though most hostels should provide this
Kitchen towel
Cleaning products
Washing powder/liquid/tablets – if the washing powder dispenser isn’t working
Door wedge – an open door in freshers week is much more friendly
8. Electrical
Alarm clock (maybe 2 in two different locations in your room to make sure lectures are at least attempted, even if you carry on sleeping there!)
Calculator – for sorting out finances
Computer and/or laptop – saves on queues at deadline time
Computer mouse for laptop – easier to use than a trackpad
CDR’s (CDRW’s cheaper in long run) – for backing up work
USB “pen drive” – carrying projects etc between uni, internet cafe, friends comp, etc. quickly, easily and RELIABLY!
Printer – printing could take up to six hours on uni computers
Network cable – to access the internet from the socket in your room
Mini fridge – for beer and other items you don’t want in the communal fridge
Bedside lamp
Mobile and charger
Answering machine
CD player/Hi-fi system – though better (certainly space wise) just to bring speakers and use your computer
TV – but license fee will be costly. There will doubtless be a communal TV you can watch. Also worth considering a TV-DVD/-VCR combi or separate VCR/DVD players
Camera – to take pictures of room and friends (to send home/put on website … everything else people do with photos)
Headphones – so you don’t disturb others when you play music loud. You can get ‘infra-red’ ones that aren’t too expensive and allow you to walk around while still listening to the music.
Batteries – rechargeable (save money)
Multi plug adaptor/extension lead – to give you more than the normal 2/4 sockets
9. Clothing
Dressing gown
Flip flops – for wearing in showers / communal wash areas
Ball gowns/evening wear – for the Freshers’ Ball.
Shirt and tie for any smart-casual events
10. Leisure
Board games – a couple, will make a good fun free evening (not sure about your phrasing! – its not mine)
Pack of card
Ball – rugby ball/football for friendly matches/made up games
Frisbee – again for the occasional game (rugby style)
11. Style
Posters – though theses are often available during freshers week – (you might need things to cover bad decoration)
Photos of family and friends
Wall hanging – more homely than posters
Rugs – to hide the mangy carpet
Fairylights/disco ball/police light/lava lamp
Cushions/beanbags – for friends to sit down in your room
A throw – to make your bed into a sofa for friends to sit on
Pot plants
Teddy bear/stuffed toys
Blankets – for when it gets cold and you want to snuggle up
12. Bedding
Duvet and duvet covers
Pillows & pillow cases – did you know the average used pillow is 75% dead flesh?
Mattress cover – goes between the mattress and the bottom sheet
Hot water bottle
Inflatable mattress and pump – for your mates when they visit
Sleeping bag – for when friends come to stay/when you go to stay
13. Miscellaneous
Drinks – to make new friends with
Sweets or biscuits – to distribute to flatmates
Extra storage – cardboard or plastic boxes for things which wont fit anywhere else
Large suitcase – to put things in when going home for the weekend
A spare lightbulb
Torch – for power cuts and looking under desks/chairs/beds
Pen knife
Loose change – for washing / vending machines
Earplugs – to cut out noise you don’t want to hear
Bookends – probably unnecessary; just use something else (eg pot of pasta, sugar etc)
Poster hangers – if you’re not allowed Blu-/White?-Tac on the walls
Safety pins
Small sewing kit – just in case you need to do a quick fix on a rip or tear (like the ones you get in hotels)
Small toolkit
14. Female specific items
Hair Ties/clips
Make up (eye shadow, mascara, lip stick/-gloss, eyeliner, foundation, etc)
Baby Oil
Nail Varnish
Hair removing cream
Hair dryer/straighteners
Tampons/sanitary towels
14. Male specific items
Shaving brush
If you have most of these, you won’t spend much while in the hostel.

Hope you find this useful and congratulations on your admission.



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