Look at What This Graduate Did To His Certificate

Education is a scam!

So says the Nigerian Youth who believes his certificate has no use or value to him

Especially If he happens to have a good result and yet prosperity fails to smile at him.

Or to put it simply, he fails to get a job.

This must have been the mindset of this Ahmadu Bello University graduate who by his actions shows how much respect he has for his certificate.

The picture of weed on the ABU issued certificate was posted on twitter under the handle @itz_scallopz

Although the real identity of the individual is unknown… none of our business.

But we can at least verify is that he graduated from Ahmadu Bello University.
At least that’s what the certificate says.

And the certificate was just recently issued as the date reads “19th March 2019”

Now over to you reader.

Can you do this to your University Certificate?

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