Never Make Mistake Of Studying In Lautech…

How do you describe a school that has refused to give its students any of their results in the past one year?

How do you describe a bunch of lecturers that feel the students ‘future should be jeopardized continuously because their arrears aren’t paid even when their monthly salaries are being paid from the tuition fees of these same students?

How do you categorize a school where the final year students were mobilized for incoming Batch C stream II but most likely wont be able to resume camping activities because ASUU feels the students shouldnt be released because their arrears are unpaid even after spending 7 years in school?

How do you tag a school that has continued to churn out Btech degrees with no feasible traces of Tech in its every day runnings? The truth is Lautech is gone for good! The sooner every prospective jambites understand this, the better for the future of education in this country.

What’s the essence of having a degree for which you will spend 7 years rather than 5 years with 3 of those years spent out of school due to incessant strikes actions? In a sane country, a school like Lautech should have been closed by the University regulatory commission till a long-term solution can be found regarding the running of the school. The school is in deep mess thanks to combine stupidity, incompetence and selfishness of the owner-state governments, the school management and the ever-unreasonable ASUU! If you have a brother or sister planning to sit for Jamb next year, advice him or her to stay away from anything Lautech! Depression, deformed educational career, old age, and grief have been the characteristics of Lautech students for the past 3 years.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Thank you!



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