OGITECH overall best: I wrote my last paper six days after giving birth

Tell us about yourself.

I am  Mrs. Adedokun Yetunde, I am from Osun State and I am 23 years old. My  husband is Mr. Akindele Bamidele from Ogun State. I am the second in my family; I have an elder brother and a younger sister. I am the first graduate of the family, my brother actually dropped his educational ambition for me due to financial constraints.

I got married in year 2018 when I was in HND 1 second semester, with the support of my family. My marriage has been a blessing  and I give thanks to God. I gave birth in 2019, six days to my last paper in school.

Were you married before securing admission?

No, I was not.

How did you manage to combine school and home?

I was able to achieve this through the support of my husband. He is  very understanding. He really stood by me, though we both agreed before coming together and he also believes in me.

Ordinarily, a brilliant lady like you should graduate first before settling for marriage. Why did you choose marriage first? Was it by accident?

No, it wasn’t by accident, I didn’t see marriage as a barrier to success. So, it was actually my will, it was what I wished and also the will of God. Besides, my marriage has been a blessing to me in every way.

Did you face any form of harassment from lecturers? How did you handle it?

No, I didn’t because I am the gentle type, I didn’t face such.

How did you manage your relationship with your classmates, especially the males?

Actually, I’m  the gentle  and easy going type, I don’t really talk or mingle with people right from my ND days. I had just one friend and she was my roommate. I can only greet people but I will like to say my relationship with everybody was cordial.

Can you share your one or two unforgettable experiences while  in school?

Due to the kind of person I am, I don’t talk nor go out. I am not social, so, I did not involve myself in any kind of experience.

My life has been a triangular one right from time; from school to my hostel, from hostel to the fellowship. So, there is nothing so special I did while I was in school. The only day that is unforgettable was the Convocation day due to the honour.

How did you gain admission into OGITECH?

I got admission to Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa (OGITECH) through a family friend that graduated from the school, some years ago.  Although I did not have it in mind to come to OGITECH, all I wanted was to go to a university. I made OGITECH my second choice because I didn’t plan to study there but when the university issue did not work out, I had to come here.

What was your reading style?

I read at my convenience.  I did not have a specific time for reading because, most times, I was on schedule. So, I read when the opportunity was there to read.

What was your social life like?

I never attended any party when I was in school,because I don’t like it.

How will you rate yourself?

I will rate myself 90 per cent because no one is perfect.

What were the challenges you faced during your days in school?

From my background, it wasn’t easy in terms of finance.But I thank God that I sailed through, because many that went through this kind of situation dropped out but with determination I made it.

What is your next line after OGITECH?

I am planning to convert my HND certificate to B.Sc and I am looking forward to acquiring a professional qualification.

What is your advice to other students that may be in your shoes?

I will like to tell them that, in everything they are doing, they should not look at the treasure of friends; they just have to be determined, and they should not look at their background. My parents are not learned. I am the first graduate in the family. I have an elder brother that had to step down for me to go due to financial problems. I will advise them not to disappoint their parents; they just have to make them proud.

You said you gave birth six days to your last paper in school. How did you manage to write the last paper?

It was not easy but I just had to do it with the help of my mum and   mother-in-law, who  took care of my baby while I read and wrote the exam. I give thanks to God. I wrote the paper and went back home the same day.



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