Reasons why Students join Cults and the Consequences.

Cultism is a secret fraternal organisation characterized by swearing of oath of allegiance to the cult. Members are bound together by a social bond and deep commitment to the cult activities. Cultists mostly meet at odd aways in a far away location only known to the members. Cultism is a very serious case in our various tertiary institutions and no school is immune to the scourge. The habit has a noticeable adverse effects on the academic, social and mental state of its members. We are going to review the reasons why students join cult groups and the Consequences.
1. Ignorance: A lot of students have joined secret cults in pure ignorance. They were lured to the meeting by an old member without considering it’s negative effects to them, And once initiated, denouncing your membership is never an easy option.
2. Popularity: Some simply join up because they want to be popular and dreaded by other students on campus. Unfortunately they end up living in a perpetual state of fear and hiding from rival cult members.
3. Revenge: Revenge against others is another major reasons why students join cults. In a bid to get back at those who had wronged or injured them, they join cults and hide behind its shadows to perpetrate their dastardly acts.
1. Fear: Cultists may appear tough and rugged on the outside, but deep down are plagued by a morbid fear of the unknown. They are always suspicious of those around them and are never relaxed.
2. Poor Grades: This is not surprising, hardly does a cultist attend classes or concentrate on the lectures when they are present. They are always distracted by other things and end up with very poor grade and delayed graduation.
3. Untimely death: This has been the sad end of a lot of cultists. Some of them had lost their lives to cult activities. This could be through armed robbery or clash with rival cult gangs. Cultists are always in in a state of conflict and regard rival members as arch enemies that should be put down.
4. Expulsion: Almost every school authorities does not tolerate the activity of cultism within their campus, and any student caught engaging in it is often expelled from the University.
Cultism may sound like so much fun to the uninitiated, and you may be tempted to join just to experience the fun associated with it. But informed that you may not live to tell the tale because cultism is a crime and it’s are prone to early stage death. Be Focus on your studies, boost your academic performance so as to graduate with a better result that will build up career


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