Role Of Good Academic Grades And Personal Qualities On
Labour Market Success…
determinants of labor market success
It is so good that you have taken this audacious step! I
mean, making the decision to take your education to tertiary
level and even beyond. Getting this far was not easy, I know.
No doubt, you have endured many rainy and sunny days. You
have gone through the bustle and hassle of elementary
education, basic education, secondary education; and you
have even done various examinations that range from
Now, here you are! An undergraduate hoping to be a
graduate in the nearest few years; serves his father land,
and land a very well paying job ‘for himself. Good, you have
envisioned well! But, truth be told; all these may possibly
remain a mirage, or might I simply say fantasy’, if you fail to
strive for good grades and work on your personal qualities
and traits.
You need not be told that this country has become so
fiercely competitive that only those who possess the
prerequisites are making head way and getting to the peak.
As a student, graduate to be, and a potential job seeker, the
prerequisites to becoming successful in the corporate world
are your good academic grade and personal qualities.
The growth of this country’s population has become so
exponential that we now find it hard to balance our needs
with resources. By implication, Jobs that were always readily
available for graduates in the 70s and 80s, have become so
scarce that companies now take different stringent
measures to streamline the number of applicants that can
apply for their openings. One of such measures is setting
minimum academic grade’.
Except and unless you are not interested in working under
anyone; if you do, I sincerely urge you to strive for good
grades in your academics. Although, a high academic grade
is not an end ‘in itself, but it is sure a very good means to an
end’. A good academic grade gives you an identity and
recognition. It endears you to employers and carves
attention to you. Good academic grade gives you
competitive edge and you will need not be disturbed by
minimum grades set by employers. However, all that said, I
need to sincerely tell you that getting good grades takes
sheer hard work and self-discipline. It takes perseverance
and self-determination. You must be ready to pay the price
and give all it takes. You need to set the goal and ensure
that you diligently work towards it.
Now, after your good grade has gotten you those
appointments for interview, the next thing that could either
make or mar you in the journey of landing a good job are
your personal skills and qualities. It is good that you have
good academic grade! But, beyond that, the employers want
to see what you are bringing to table. They want to see your
demeanor, communication prowess – the usage of the
queen’s language, your analytical skill, your professional
etiquette, among others. Every employee of an organization
is presumed to be a brand representative of that
Hence, no image conscious ‘organization would be willing to
have a mediocre has its representative.
In conclusion, evaluate yourself today and try to figure out
those personal traits, if any, that can mar your success and
try to do away with them. That might require that you stop
some of the things you currently do or even avoid some of
your friends. You need to try as much as possible to cultivate
those excellent qualities and also try to put-in for skills that
you know would place you in a better position in the labor
I pray that we will all get to the mountain top after our
sojourn in our various campuses.
Beautiful day to you all.


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