Technology is the only way to tackle exam malpractice – CPAN

President of Computer Based Test Centers Proprietors’ Association of Nigeria (CPAN), Maxwell Akwuruoha has said that technology improvement can only be the solution in tackling exam malpractice and technical issues through Computer-Based Test (CBT) examinations.

According to him, based on the economic percentage in technology, CPAN stands in a better position to explain the preparedness in CBT centers in terms of technology and Students.

Speaking during the fourth CPAN National Conference at the Nigeria Army officers Mess-Hall, Yaba Lagos, he said that technology hardly fails when all expected requirements are in order.

“That is  also the reason CPAN is coming out, because it stands in a better position to explain better to the society how it works, I want us to always bare something in mind, JAMB is an educational sector not an ICT oriented,  new JAMB is seen in rendering it services and employing technology,  the truth is that JAMB contacts private solution providers to render this services,” Akwuruoha, the third president of CPAN said.

Dean, School of Technology, Yaba College of Technology, Dr Okolie Peter, said that Computer-Based Test (CBT) examinations has improved the system of education.

“Yes it does significantly, no doubt about that in compare to previous ways of writing exams, definitely it has improved tremendously but even at that the institutions too should have to administer other test which is also CBT-test to further confirm the authenticity of these students that has just written their Jamb, so no doubt the CBT exams have really tried on like when it was pen on paper,” he said.

State Administrator to CPAN Kebbi State, Abdullahi Haruna, said that exam malpractices can be curbed through the means of technology.



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