The Advantages Of Graduating With A First Class Degree In The University.

Have you ever thought about the prospects of graduating with a first class honours degree and the impact it can have on your entire life after graduation?

While a lot of students see it as basically something almost impossible to achieve and quite rightly so, the conditions in our higher institutions and the caliber of lecturers might contribute to the validation of that claim, but truth remains that with determination, hard work and GRACE you can achieve it. So here is just some of the benefits you might stand to enjoy after all the hard work.

These are five reasons you must graduate with a first class degree.

1. It places you ahead of your mates.

There are over a thousand and one person in the same field with you. Graduating with first class set you apart from them.

2. It increase your chances of getting job.

I believe you will agree with me that it is no longer easy to get a job in Nigeria. An anonymous even said “seeking for job in Nigeria is a job itself” and that is the obvious truth. This is more than a reason you must graduate with a first class degree. It eases you the stress of searching for jobs. Most entrepreneurs would love to have brilliant people to handle their works and this opens a humongous door for first class graduates.

3. It makes your parents proud.

It is the joy of parents to see their children doing well especially in the area of academy. You need to make these sacrificing parents glad by coming out with a first class.

4. It makes you more connected.

I have come to know that one of the mightiest key to wealth and greatness is CONNECTION. You can’t afford to do without it. Graduating with a first class degree will link you with different great people who are magnetized with your excellent performance.

5. It makes you popular.

There is a popular saying I so much like. “Success has many parents while failure is an orphan”. No one likes rolling with failure. Everyone likes being a friend of the best students. I can sense you like to be the man of the people.

6. It almost Guarantees a scholarship opportunity to further your studies

Graduating with a first class degree can do more than just the above listed things. In fact, it almost ensures that furthering your education is only a matter of your decision and not financially based because even if you dont get the offer directly upon graduation, a host of universities out there in the world are looking just for people like you with fully funded scholarships on the cart. You See???

Even though, the song on campus. Don’t be wearied, just do good to graduate with a first class degree.




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