Many of us who have traveled are no strangers to staying in a hostel. If you’re just entering the world of budget backpacking, you might be unsure of whether or not to stay in a hostel because of horror stories you’ve heard.

Here are some common misconceptions about staying in a hostel!


1. Only for Young People

This one especially isn’t true and you’d be surprised at how many older people as well as families stay in hostels! This can really be an awesome thing too. Older travelers have so many amazing insights and great advice to give younger people.

2. For Partiers and Backpackers

Not necessarily! The thing about traveling is that it is exhausting. Many people staying at a hostel really just want to get a good night’s sleep. There are some hostels with a reputation for attracting partiers, but by doing your research, it’s pretty easy to tell which hostels draw those crowds.

3. They’re Dirty

Hostels are consistently clean and really well maintained. Their business is dependent on good reviews and good customer service. It’s in their best interest to provide clean accommodation.

You might encounter a messy roommate in a hostel and it totally happens in a larger dorm. But, rest assured, your bed sheets will be clean, the floor will be cleaned, and the bathroom will be cleaned everyday by the staff.

4. Packed With People

It’s true that you’ll be sharing a room with people. That’s the idea. But, you won’t be squished in like sardines! Everyone gets their own bed and the beds are pretty well spaced apart in all hostels.

You’ll likely be assigned a bed in a bunk bed and you might get a stranger sleeping on the bed above or below you. Some hostels even offer private accommodation if you need a break from a dorm style setting but still need budget prices.

5. They’re Dangerous

So you’ve seen or heard of a horror movie based on someone staying at a hostel. The great thing about movies is that they are just that- movies!

Hostels are actually really safe. They are staffed 24 hours and most have security cameras installed. If you are ever uncomfortable or don’t feel safe, then tell the staff and ask for a room change!

6. Stealing

Unfortunately, theft happens no matter where you are traveling or staying. The thing with hostels is that you’re staying with other travelers and backpackers who totally understand what it’s like to be on the road!

For peace of mind, hostels have lockers available in the room, so pack a lock and store your stuff when you are away and sleeping.

7. Sharing a Room with the Opposite Sex

This is usually more important for the girls. Not just because boys can be smelly and snore at times (let’s be honest some girls do too!), but it can be daunting as a female to share a room with guys they don’t know.


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