1. Affordable school fees:the average and common tuition fee charged by most of the polytechnic in Nigeria is less than N40,000. As such, polytechnic have make education affordable to all Nigerians Unlike the University that some of them charge above N90,000. Lower Fees Nowadays, universities charge higher than polytechnics. This is usually common with state universities. I remember in 2014, if not for the protests by LASU students, fees would have been permanently jacked up to N250,000 naira. How many students can afford that? This is very very unusual with a polytechnic as fees remain stable throughput the sessions
2. Simplicity of Learning. The OND and HND style of learning enables a lot of students to have a feeling of casualness and helps them in having gradual advance in education. Some might not have the money to pay all their education expenses at once and need to have breaks in their stages of learning to raise the money. The OND degree acquired will even be a better avenue for getting a better job. This is unlike Nigerian universites where you can only apply for Leave of Absence which lasts for just one year. I have seen cases of people who after acquiring OND, vested capital into a business and later came back to finish their Higher National Diploma courses
3. Quick certificate :within 2 years, you can also be among the working class and some have succeeded with their National diploma ND certificate You don’t have to study for 5 years before you start earning salary with your certificate and this has been very helpful, especially for those who have financial issues.
4. Development of dexterity It is general knowledge that Polytechnics offer a style of lecturing that is operational {Involves more of practice} and the students more liable to have confidence in getting jobs and executing them well. For instance, an Engineering student with a National Diploma degree has more experience in the operations of machines than a university student who is limited more to theory and will most likely perform better in the field.
5. Change of study and environment:Yes, this is another benefit of polytechnic education. You can decide to change your course of study after your national diploma if there any reason to do so. More so, you can run a national diploma programme in Lagos and continue your HND in another polytechnic in any part of Nigeria. You can also go further to study in the university in any prefer state.
6. Lack of Difficulty of Securing Admission It is easier to gain admission into a polytechnic than a university. A lot of people have wasted years trying to acquire university admission all to no avail and in the process forgetting that Polytechnics have made it less difficult to enter. With no more than two applications, the worries of admission would have been overcome
7. Easy admission:Easily as it sound, polytechnic admission is less competitive. There are some individual who have been running after university for over 5 to 6 year without any breakthrough. Polytechnic have made admission easier, with one or two trials, you will conquer the problem of admission.
8. Job opportunity:presently now, some job are design only for national diploma holder and Hnd holder and as such, there will be lesser competition for those with polytechnic Degree. In some industry, there will be specification that only Nd are needed for a particular position which exclude BSC and HND degree holder. You should also remember that to be Hnd result holder, you must have ND certificate.
9. Lecture Halls For Conducive Learning The state of many lecture halls is appealing as many are not suited for congestion. This is the reverse in polytechnics as lecture halls are better positioned and well spaced in order to create a suitable environment for learning and assimilation
10. Equal Certificate:all things are been equal in the polytechnic…. all polytechnic result have the same value either private, northern, eastern or western polytechnic. However the Varsity certificate are not equal and
federal university certificate is more valuable and wanted to any varsity certificate. Admission by Merits:Admission in some university is by power, money, connection, intelligence and many other factors. You may have to pay a some of money before you can be considered for admission in some university. However the polytechnic admission is by merit, candidate that perform excellently will be offered admission regardless of the course and the school. There is no room for Foul play in selection of candidate.



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