What’s The Funniest Thing You’ve Experienced Inside An Examination Hall ? …

Just sitting here at home remembering my university days,the good times,the bad times and the funny times. My mind strolled to 2012,I was in year 3 and was writing one of the toughest course for that semester(mathematical methods).The exam hall was well supervised,and you could hardly move your neck,well you know students,no matter how tight the supervising is,things would still happen.
The place I was sitted, we where exchanging question papers, after filling the back with answers. Less I forget,in front of me was this pretty girl,that was totally focussed in her work,she was solving like she was definitely gonna have atleast an A. She paid little or no attention to the papers that where being transferred around her.
I was to transfer my question paper to a friend in front of this ‘pretty girl’. So I asked her to give me her question paper,so she can pass mine to my friend,she reluctantly agreed,she gave me hers and I gave her mine. While going through her paper,I noticed there was alot of writings on her paper,I read the writings and surprisingly it was a poem*lol*.
*Sitting here alone with my thoughts in the hall not knowing what to write,my heart keeps pounding bla bla bla* I laughed my ass out,it was something I can’t forget in a hurry.
I apologise for the long write up and poor arrangement,but you guys should share your funny moments inside an exam hall.


  1. Mine was when I was writing what I don’t know from a friend and I heard an text on my phone saying….. Text who you rep to 4507 for ring back tone by olamide.

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